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Opera, what the fuck is wrong with you? With every update that comes out, you get more and more retarded. When I first downloaded you, I was impressed: easy to use, and you kicked Internet Exploder in the balls and made it fuck off. Where IE would turn into a whiney little bitch and crash, you carried on with your work and did other neat little things. Now, all of a sudden, you're giving me the finger and acting like a dick whenever you want. Here's a small sample of what you've been doing:

"You're on a slow network, so I'm turning on Opera Turbo. Oh, gee...I need a nap now. Eh? You want me to load stuff?"

"Eeew, Hotmail? That's Microsuck bullshit. I'm not loading that! Aw, man...do I have to? Fucking hell, what a crock."

"Oh, you accidentally right-clicked while doing stuff. Well, I'm gonna send you back a page or two so you lose what you were working on. What? You want to turn that right-click gesture stuff off? Uh...I don't know how to do that!"

"Man, look at all these fucking bookmarks! I hope you backed them up recently, because I'm deleting about 95% of the shit you have here! I don't mind these webcomics you've bookmarked, but all those videos, recipes, game-related sites, and those REALLY important wedding- and work-related folders are gone now!"

Wait, WHAT? Why in the fuck did you wipe out everything but webcomic bookmarks?! Yeah, I'm a dumbfuck for not backing up my bookmark folder regularly, but what the fuck is your problem? You haven't crashed or updated today, but you just delete all that stuff I had? FUCK YOU. Wait, were you fucking pissed because one game I play used IE to open a few links? Sweet fucking shit, you are a jealous little whore bitch.

Fine. I'll fucking start over. IN ANOTHER BROWSER, YOU DICK.
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