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Why the fuck is it MY problem when some OTHER employee I have no jurisdiction over refuses to follow the rules? This stupid Mexican asshat always comes in a good twenty minutes late, leaves whenever the fuck he wants, eats in the middle of the kitchen, never punches out for breaks (which he takes about six of every day despite working a four-hour shift, TOPS) and constantly foists his work off on other people, but does he get fired? Does he get written up? Does he even get a fucking slap on the wrist? Fuck no! You just blame it all on ME instead! Or barring that, you just watch me like a hawk and criticize me for every minor, inconsequential slip-up I make. Oh no, I punched in ONE MINUTE behind my scheduled time! Ride my ass for it! Oh no, fuckface here failed to wash his hands before handling clean dishes! Somehow this is MY fault for not dropping whatever I'm in the middle of and doing it for him! Not to mention that I constantly see you and your chefs preparing food without gloves on or eating in the middle of the kitchen, so you're just a bastion of hypocrisy, aren't you.

And don't fucking tell me it's because you don't speak Spanish. You know damn well that several of your employees are bilingual, YOUR OWN DAMN SON INCLUDED, and can convey whatever you need to say. And no, I am not one of them, so don't give me that heap of shit either. Christ, you could have solved this problem months ago by punching "You're Fired" into Babelfish, hitting Print and then handing it to him. But why be smart when you can be lazy and shift the blame onto someone else for as long as humanly possible, right?

Christ almighty. If you're going to have a stringent policy about cleanliness and being on time, then how about you at least enforce it FAIRLY? Can you do that, fucko? Oh wait, what am I saying? Of course you can't. You're just going to continue to let this asshole get away with anything and scold me for every minor slipup HE makes as some pathetic way to get revenge. Well, eat a dick, pal. How about I just tip off the health department anonymously and watch you get you slapped with a hefty fine and a temporary shutdown? I guarantee this shit will stop really damn fast after that.
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