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Okay, I'm not the most mature person in the world. I can get pissy and act pretty damned childish. Almost everyone gets like that at some point. But some of you, holy fuck! The bullshit you pull at work is getting fucking bad! How is it some of you are 2 to 3 times my age, but are still acting like whiny, entitled 14 year olds? I REALLY want to know!

"Can you stand for 5+ hours?" "Can you lift 20 - 40 pounds?" "Can you work afternoons and weekends?" You remember this questionnaire, right? Do you know why you were asked these questions? They're related to the fucking job you signed up for! If you thought it was a joke and wrote down a bunch of lies, too fucking bad. You want to throw bullshit around, then you'll get bullshit thrown back at you. If you really, truly cannot BEAR to do what's required, you're in the wrong fucking place. Go find something more your style, like ruling the Kingdom of Candy Canes, Princess Candyass.

I know the job's demanding and really fucking sucks on some days. I know the pay's not great, either (though it's better than what it used to be!). You know what really twists my tits, though? Your fucking attitudes and the stunts you people pull. You phone in sick on a hot day to go hang out at the beach with your friends. You head out early because you have a concert to go to. And you leave your stations because you're "bored" or "stressed." Seriously, fuck you. There aren't many shifts at this time of the year, so you have PLENTY of days off to go and fuck around. If you plan on going to a concert or some other event, you damned well ask for time off in advance! And if you're bored or stressed, you suck it up and fucking cope like everyone else does! Quit making all of us look bad, you prima donna bitches.

Now, there's just one more thing. Some of the work you whine and cry about having to do really isn't that difficult. If you'd turn on the part of your brain labelled COMMON SENSE, things become much easier! And for fuck's sake, if someone is showing you an "easier than taking a piss" way of doing a task, LISTEN TO THEM! Ignoring them and then flipping the fuck out because everything's "too hard" is not going to help you.
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