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Weeaboos (and people heading down that path), here are some things you need to know right fucking now:

1. Watching anime and glossing over a few Japanese tutorial books is not how you learn the language. Do some actual studying.
2. Sprinkling a few words of ANY foreign language into your conversations "because it's cool" makes you look fucking moronic.
3. Cooking rice is not an art and a rice cooker is NOT mandatory. Did rice cookers exist in Japan before electricity was discovered? NO.
4. Just because it's made in Japan doesn't mean it's "THE BEST EVER!" and superior to everything else.
5. If all you know about Japanese culture comes from anime and manga, you're going to shit your pants if you ever visit the country.
6. Just because you love Japanese culture doesn't mean you should've been born there. You won't fit right in if you visit, either.
7. Anime IS a type of cartoon. Manga IS a type of comic. This isn't an insult, just a fact.
8. Racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other horrible things exist in Japan. Again, not an insult. It's a fact you're choosing to ignore.

Now, kindly shut the fuck up until you grow up. Not that you'll actually do that, of course. Whatever. Keep making idiots of yourselves.
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