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Honey, I love you. But this marriage planning stuff is starting to get REALLY fucking screwy. And it's starting to piss me off and stress me the hell out. Since we live in different countries, I knew there would be a bit of work involved. That was fine. But now I'm going "What the FUCK?" at all the surprises you keep dropping on me.

First of all, we planned on having the official, legal ceremony where I live, then having a renewal of vows thing where you live. This was so all of our relatives could attend without having to do insane amounts of travelling. We'd get the necessary paperwork and other crap done in the process. Now, suddenly, we're having the legal ceremony where YOU live, and having a renewal of vows bit where I am? And we discussed this? FUCK NO, we did NOT. If we did, I'm a dumbshit and I'm really fucking sorry I forgot. But how the hell would I forget something THAT fucking important? Could it be that our "discussion" is that time you called me when I was still half asleep, then said we should consider getting married where you live, because it'd make immigration easier? That is a PISS POOR time to talk about important things with me, because I WILL forget things if I'm dozing off. If that's the discussion you're thinking of, I'm no longer sorry because that is BULLSHIT.

And NOW you realize that the changes "we" made are going to cost us more money due to the extra fucking airplane rides we'll need to take. Well, how about we change things before they get even more fucked up? Oh, whoops. You already paid for forms and shit, so looks like that's a no-go! And now you tell me we can't have the ceremony there until OCTOBER? Why the FUCK did we book a bunch of stuff here for JULY, then? Now I get to talk to my parents about this latest fuckery when they get home, and that'll be WONDERFUL, considering they're pissed about stuff that happened today. I love listening to them bitch me out about something that's supposed to be fun!

How can this get worse? Oh, right! I sent save the dates to my relatives living out of town and some of my friends. These people have started booking hotel rooms and getting time off of work. And you tell me you haven't sent ANYTHING out to ANYONE yet. You know, I'm almost ready to say "Fuck it" and cancel the wedding until further notice. But that would flush all those deposits down the fucking drain, and I fucking HATE wasting that much money.

FUCKING SHIT. This is bloody fucking ridiculous.
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