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AIM, what the hell happened to you? I sign on for the first time in a long while, and you're fucking COVERED in ads. I can't even change my settings without seeing them. What is that shit, huh? Wait, what's this window? Someone is trying to send me an IM? Who could it be? Oh, you. FUCK THAT.

You stupid, attention-whoring bitch. Did you think I'd actually forget who you were after all these years? Well, I didn't! You were the huge bitch who treated people like utter shit, unless you deemed them "worthy" of your respect. You never had a good reason for insulting, harassing, blackmailing and stalking people either. You'd claim it was just teasing or that your current target was being unreasonable. You only got away with most of that bullshit because you had the channel operator wrapped around your finger. I have no idea how you did that, either. You were so busy waving your "I'm a lesbian! Men are sucky and gross!" sign around, I'm amazed he actually wanted to be your fuck-buddy. When you finally got what you deserved (the old heave-ho, fuck off treatment), you immediately cried "No fair! I have multiple personality disorder and there are voices in my head!" What a load of shit that was.

I'm kind of wondering why you'd want to contact me now after I made it clear over THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO I'd had enough of you. Maybe the IM was another bullshit apology? Or maybe another batch of your special brand of harassment? Fucked if I know, because you're back on my block list. I don't even know how your name came off there. All I know is you're an annoying, retarded, lying, manipulative cunt, and I will never contact you again after the shit you put me through. Maybe you HAVE changed, but I doubt it. Some people who actually do stay in contact with you tell me you're still acting the same way. So, fuck you.
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