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Jesus, Gamestop. You were already a dank, depressing cunt of a store, but your latest experience is the worst I've ever had. Yeah, worse than the guy who accused me of using your store as a "free Blockbuster" because I apparently returned one game too many over the course of a few months. That's great customer service there. Did that guy get fired for being a rude, unprofessional asshole? Oh wait, no, he didn't. He's managing a new store and calling all the shots for how every store in a 50 mile radius should be run. Great management runs deep in this company.

Anyway, my tale this time around: I bought a stack of three Xbox games (the Dead Rising trilogy) and one particularly rare Wii game (Metroid Prime Trilogy). All pristine and non-Greatest Hits as far as I could tell. So I bring the game up, go thorugh the usual rigamarole of turning down preorders for overrated shit like Mass Effect and your retarded "discount card", and leave the store.

Then I get home and look at what I got. First of all, Off the Record looks fucking terrible for a "new" game. The case is half-destroyed and barely holding together. I had to dig out an old case and swap everything over only to discover that the cracked plastic from the old case punctured a hole in the slip cover. How the fuck do you let that happen to a NEW game sitting in a drawer?

Second of all, I brought up a non-GH copy of Dead Rising 1, then I get home and it's a Greatest Hits copy. Thanks for the bait-and-switch marketing there, you fucking idiots.

Third, and perhaps worst, Metroid Prime Trilogy - which is, again, the most expensive of the four games I bought - was NOT SECURED in its packaging, greatly increasing the risk of it being damaged or destroyed in transit. This shit takes literally ONE SECOND and you couldn't be bothered to do it. Fortunately, it was not damaged, but knowing your lovely customer service, you'd probably just blame the on me and I'd be out seventy bucks.

The one highlight of this disastrous outing was the copy of Dead Rising 2. Perhaps my a miracle of God, it was as a used game and its packaging should be - the original packaging (not one of your cheap shitty generic cases - why do you even have those fucking things? Just turn down shit that isn't in presentable, complete condition like any respectable game store) in relatively good shape and not at risk of being destroyed in transit. Yeah, one game out of four was as advertised. 25%. One quarter. That's an F even by the appallingly low standards of our education system.

So how can you improve my experience for next time? How about this: Replace your staff of minimum-wage retards with trained ferrets. That would be totally awesome. A little stinkier, yes, but hey, it would cost less for you in the long run (you wouldn't have to give them benefits, and buying a bag of food and some sawdust once in a while is a lot cheaper than paying a bunch of idiots seven bucks an hour to stand around playing with themselves), and at least then I wouldn't have to have overrated shlock like Mass Effect shoved down my throat every time I try to purchase Gamecube games, nor would I have to get browbeaten into buying your shitty magazine every time I so much think about looking at used games (gee, a magazine owned and operated by a GAME STORE, I'm sure they're a trustworthy source and wouldn't just say anything to get me to buy dogshit like Dead Space and Kane and Lynch 2). Plus hell, who wouldn't love to buy a copy of Mario Kart 7 from a ferret? People would line up around the block for that shit, myself included.
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