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Fuck. Sub 4 Sub. Seriously, what's the god damn point? You go and sign up for a site (which requires a ton of intrusive personal information) and all you get for it is a bunch of "subscriptions" from bot accounts. Bots. Not even real people, fucking automated dummy accounts. They don't give two shits about your videos, they don't boost your "ever-important" page views, all you get for your efforts is in increase in your junk mail level and sign over everyone on your friends list and your few actual, living subscribers into getting constant spam e-mails telling them to "GO TO SUB4SUB.COM FOR MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS", and all because you wanted to raise SOME INSIGNIFICANT NUMBER ON YOUR GOD DAMN YOUTUBE PAGE. Congratulations, you fucking idiot, one tiny number on your page that nobody else in the world gives two shits about is slightly higher and we all get to suffer more goddamn spam for it. You're officially lower than the pond scum that begs everybody he meets online to be his "friend" and "like" every stupid, insignificant thing he ever posts on Facebook. Now go do something more productive with your time. Like stick both hands in a wheat thresher to discourage more of this stupid behavior in the future.
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dig our: dumb twitter/sweet tumblr

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