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I work with a bunch of fucking retards.

The aforementioned disgusting redneck pothead whose only plans for the future are hopefully dying of alcohol poisoning and leaving his family with a mountain of debt when he's gone.

Fat fuck who wormed his way up the chain by being a brown-nosing cock, and now constantly leaves shit half finished and forces me to do it for him just so he laugh about it behind my back. He's like a fucking ten year old kid, give him any authority over anyone and he turns into a fucking dictator.

The fucking boss' kid who asskissed his way up the chain and gets away with goddamn anything while constantly being obnoxious as hell.

And the idiot boss himself, who, despite having that title, never seems to be aware of fucking anything that goes on, ever. He doesn't know anyone's schedule, he never knows what events are going on on any given day, the only work he ever does is whatever he can't foist off on someone else, he constantly throws tantrums like a spoiled ten year old, and without fail, comes in late and leaves early every day so he can go fucking golf. Oh, and if I don't do something the right way, he never just TELLS me what I'm doing wrong. No, he has to call someone ELSE over and get THEM to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Fucking passive aggressive cock.
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holy shit dude.
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