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Hey HR department: eat the wettest shit in town. Despite the fact I did my deduction bullshit correctly when I was hired, you fuckers blew it and have been setting aside none of my pay for taxes. That's half a year of wages you dicked up that I now have to cut a check to the feds for. Money I don't have because it's not in my fucking budget because why would it be if you slapping bitchtits could use your fucking eyes.

And there's no way I could have checked out my pay stubs to make sure you were on the fucking ball. You don't mail me any.

Suck off an old goat and swim in the juices.
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holy shit dude.
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We're in TWENTY-MOTHERFUCKING-ELEVEN. WHY IS IT SO FUCKING DIFFICULT FROM SOMEONE IN MY BLOODY COUNTRY TO BUY SHIT ONLINE? Paypal seems to hate every single one of our sorry-ass souls and FUCK US ALL. What kind of idiotic FUCKMINT would add a SEVENTY NIGGERY TWO PERCENT FUCKING TAX to all items bought outside the country?
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man that sucks.
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