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I'm angry. And i don't know why it aches so.
I have no job and it hurts that i cant cut it. People have told me that they wish they were in my shoes, but i ask "why?"

My home i cannot fix. I need therapy. I cant afford the time to choose fun. I have to work, but i make pennies from ad revenue . Its the only job that will hire me. I havent worked in six years. My last job was as a stripper and i cant put that onmy resume.
I cant say it was my father who made me do it. We didnt have good communication and the only thing we ever talked about was how i needed to work. So i sat all day poring over jobs that wouldnt hire me.
And i would cry after he would bring up "the talk" . "aren't you even trying!?!?"

So i did it for a while. It was liberating. I had money. I had motivation. I studied my job and brought the other strippers books i was reading. The joint was shitty and everyone there had it bad too. The owners were nice but its the strippers who were the squeaky wheels.

But i came home and tried to live my life. "you need to work!" and i was, secretly.
I couldnt say. What could i do? I paid my own bills slowly shifting my dependence. But then it was my night habits that i was doing wrong. Now they worry about the things im doing on my own! I cant leave the house and work because they worry, but i cant get paid if i dont go. And if theyre around i have to get talked to because im in need of their support.

The safest place feels like out, but i cant afford it. If i go... Where
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