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Can all the big name game companies kindly get a clue and stop introducing some proprietary always on DRM/download manager client for all their games? Nobody gives a shit about collecting EA achievements or Ubisoft points or whatever the fuck, especially when we get kicked out of our games for having our connection drop for half a second or locked out of our account forever for having a credit card charge declined or telling a forum troll to go fuck himself. Get your shit on Steam or GOG or don't bother with it at all.
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holy shit dude.
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So whose bonehead idea was it to mash every piece of news for a game on Steam together on one big clusterfuck of a page? I don't give a shit about some mod for a game I don't even fucking own that aims to recreate Stalker in Cryengine III or whatever the fuck, I just want to read the patch notes for the latest game update. And half the time the news ticker's not even fully up to date, so I have to wait for hours or even the next DAY to see what the hell they added or fixed. This used to be the simplest shit in the world - right click, choose "view update news" and you get a list of all the shit they changed the MINUTE the patch starts downloading. Simple. No halfwits from Kotaku lousing up my feed, just the straight-up on what new hats I can collect this week.

Way to fix what ain't broke, Valve!
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man that sucks.
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