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Why don't I talk to you anymore? Because you're probably the most selfish, self-absorbed, bigoted, egotistical, manipulative, two-faced coward I've ever known. That's why.

Oh, and you never even bother talking to me unless I contact you first, then still expect me to be nice to you when you treat me like garbage in plain view of everyone. Some "friend" you are.
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sorry guy.
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My husband and I do not want children at the moment. We're still debating whether we want them at all. So, kindly piss off and quit fucking bothering us about it!

"Well, couples who don't have kids are utterly selfish!" You DO realize some people aren't capable of having kids, even if they want to, right? So, please fuck off with that bullshit. As for me and my husband, we don't have the money or time to take care of kids right now. We're also not living together at the moment due to stupid bullshit, and we're still working on getting a place of our own. We both also have some physical and mental issues that could very well be passed on to kids and make their lives a misery. Hell, some of those issues could make us pretty damned bad parents. Oh, but to fuck with that! We should be having kids right fucking now because you and other mindless relatives want to see and play with cuuuuute wittle babies! Who the fuck's being selfish now?

"Oh, fine. Leave it up to the other people in the family to have kids, then." Shut the fuck up. We're not leaving a damned thing up to anyone, so quit trying to fucking guilt trip us into making babies WE'RE NOT READY FOR. I don't know why, but for some reason there's this bullshit expectation running around here that parents are entitled to grandchildren. Yeah, I realize without my parents I wouldn't be here. I realize they made sacrifices for me and have helped me out a lot. But for fuck's sake, when they chose to start a family, THEY WERE READY TO DO SO! They WANTED kids, so they had some! But if I don't want to have kids right now, if at all, it's some unforgivable sin and I'm a fucking terrible person. Take a good fucking look at some of our relatives who had kids before they were ready for them. They sure are having fun trying to get their shit together, aren't they?

Hey, I just thought of something! We have some relatives who've been married for 5+ years and THEY don't have kids! Oh, and we have UNMARRIED relatives! How's about going and getting them hooked up with some spouses?! Seriously, fuck off.
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sorry guy.
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