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Oh, aren't sandbox games fun? They let you blow shit up, build your own castle, or just kill things. Good stuff! Then YOU people come along. You people without one fucking ounce of courtesy or common sense.

"Golly! I see this building here, but I want to experiment with stuff. I'll just tear the building down a bit so I have some room for my idea!" Fuck you. Fuck you HARD. If you worked on some project for a few hours, how would you feel if some prick came by and had the baked bean special runs all over it? Don't give me that "I'm sorry, I'm new to this game!" horseshit, either. You damned well ask before you touch other people's stuff. "But no one was around so I couldn't ask for help!" You know what you do in that case? DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ANYTHING! Go play singleplayer, read a damned wiki, and learn the game first, dumbshit! No one wants to come back to a ruined project because you decided to lend out your brain cell for the day.

"Well, that's not nice! It's just a game, you know." Shut up, bitch. Lego and sand are games, too. People use those to make awesome sculptures. Would you go up to one of those things and start picking it apart in some places because you want to try something out in those specific spots? I hope not because if you do, you're a tit-brained pissfuck. Pulling that shit in a game where people can build things is equally retarded. Defending people who do that makes you look like a twat.

And that brings me to one more wonderful piece of shit. "Hee hee hee! Look at all these fine things to ruin! Time to start smashing!" If you aren't doing any funny or creative griefing, please go play a game of hide-and-go-fuck-yourself. Big, gold dick sculpture on someone's lawn? Funny (and useful)! Tearing things down as fast as you can by any means necessary? Old shit that no one finds funny because ANYONE can do it.

You got all that? Good. Over and out, dicks.
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holy shit dude.
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