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I knew you were pretty mean and had shit people skills, but you're sinking to new fucking lows as the days go on! First, you were fired for your horrible attitude towards your assistants, employees, other companies' employees, and even customers. Why it took over 9 fucking years for this to happen, I don't know. But, whatever. Your psychotic harassment bullshit is over. Or, so I thought!

It seems you're a little stalker bitch! Before you were kicked out, one of your favorite targets quit because she couldn't take your shit anymore. Once you were out, you started asking where she'd applied for work. Then you applied to the same fucking places! Of course, you accepted a job where she was offered one! Too bad for you, bitch, she found out what happened to you AND what you were up to. She's back at her old job, which is now under much friendlier management. You then quit your new job after two weeks, since your "friend" wasn't working there! If that's not creepy stalking, I don't know what is!

So, now you come shopping in the store we work in. Not that you didn't before, but you shop there WAY more than you used to. And now you're writing stuff in the store's comment box about employees you didn't like. Of course, you don't name names, but it's pretty fucking obvious who you're talking about. I DO agree with some of the stuff you've mentioned: no, people should NOT be leaving their stations to go and recline on the furniture displays, nor should they be sitting behind their station during busy times. But fucking hell, the fact that you're going into dickhead customer territory is scary. What next? Bullshit complaints about how we shouldn't leave our stations to get supplies, or have a friendly chat with the manager when she comes by? I bet it's not long before you try to make EVERYONE'S lives hell through that box.

Fuck you. Seriously. Quit acting so retarded and grow the fuck up. You're not doing yourself any favors.
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holy shit dude.
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All right, you self-entitled little shitbags, enough is enough. You're not the only ones waiting for updates to your favorite games; there are thousands of other people waiting, too. You'll just have to do like everyone else: WAIT.

"But I paid good money for this game, and I want the update NOW!" Whoa, fuck! Really? Well, I'd love to see the update released, too! AND SO WOULD THE HUGE NUMBER OF OTHER PLAYERS WHO PAID FOR THE GAME! So what if you bought the game and spent money on merchandise or in-game items? OTHER PEOPLE HAVE, TOO! Seriously, shut your fucking mouth and wait. No one wants to hear you whine like a little bitch; you're in the same fucking boat as everyone else, so deal with it you little cumstain.

"Well, we've been waiting for weeks/months for this update and it's not out yet! What lazy developers..." Well, why don't you just run right up there and go help them? Oh, wait...you probably have no fucking clue how to develop a game in the first place! And "lazy?" Are you shitting me? What do you think the game developers are doing? Sitting around playing ping pong and drinking beer for 8 hours a day? No, you fucking moron! They're more than likely coding, fixing bugs, or trying out new ideas! They do this so the game's more enjoyable and not full of bug shit.

"The company gave us a beta/pre-release patch to play with and it's fine! There are only some minor bugs! They should just hurry and release the full version!" Oh, yeah. Let's get the company to shit out that patch before it's fixed! Great idea! ARE YOU RETARDED? You know what happens when that stuff gets rushed? You get a buggy load of crap that erases your save files, crashes repeatedly, or malfunctions in other fucked up ways. And then what happens? Your kind gets their nuts in a knot and screams and whines non-fucking-stop about "WAH WAH, MY SAVES!!! WAH, WAH, I DEMAND A FIX AND/OR A REFUND!! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Fucking hell, look how long this is! Thanks a lot, you assholes.
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sorry guy.
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Opera, what the fuck is wrong with you? With every update that comes out, you get more and more retarded. When I first downloaded you, I was impressed: easy to use, and you kicked Internet Exploder in the balls and made it fuck off. Where IE would turn into a whiney little bitch and crash, you carried on with your work and did other neat little things. Now, all of a sudden, you're giving me the finger and acting like a dick whenever you want. Here's a small sample of what you've been doing:

"You're on a slow network, so I'm turning on Opera Turbo. Oh, gee...I need a nap now. Eh? You want me to load stuff?"

"Eeew, Hotmail? That's Microsuck bullshit. I'm not loading that! Aw, man...do I have to? Fucking hell, what a crock."

"Oh, you accidentally right-clicked while doing stuff. Well, I'm gonna send you back a page or two so you lose what you were working on. What? You want to turn that right-click gesture stuff off? Uh...I don't know how to do that!"

"Man, look at all these fucking bookmarks! I hope you backed them up recently, because I'm deleting about 95% of the shit you have here! I don't mind these webcomics you've bookmarked, but all those videos, recipes, game-related sites, and those REALLY important wedding- and work-related folders are gone now!"

Wait, WHAT? Why in the fuck did you wipe out everything but webcomic bookmarks?! Yeah, I'm a dumbfuck for not backing up my bookmark folder regularly, but what the fuck is your problem? You haven't crashed or updated today, but you just delete all that stuff I had? FUCK YOU. Wait, were you fucking pissed because one game I play used IE to open a few links? Sweet fucking shit, you are a jealous little whore bitch.

Fine. I'll fucking start over. IN ANOTHER BROWSER, YOU DICK.
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man that sucks.
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Who is the slack-jawed retard who programmed my phone's mp3 player? I wanted to listen to a specific song so I click on the fucking thing, now it's made its own exclusive playlist and refuses to invite anyone but 39 of its closest friends. Okay, so thats dumb, delete the playlist, right?

NOPE! FUCK YOU, YOU STARTED THIS PLAYLIST NOW YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Now i have to sort through 470 goddamn songs, organized by motherfucking track number first because ID3 tags are the god damned DEVIL, pick out 40 that I like and listen until I am finally tired of them and organize myself a NEW playlist. Before I picked that one song, it would just shuffle through my whole library and delight me by being, up until now, surprisingly simple and easy to use. Why isn't there a feature as simple as PLAY ALL? Why the fuck am I now required to personally manage a microscopic playlist to listen to my music? I'm trying to fucking walk to class not make a mix tape.

Screw You, Samsung.
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man that sucks.
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