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Ok, I get that Texas weather is a tricky bitch to predict, but how fucking hard is it with today's modern technology to predict accurately what will happen in the next 24 hours!? I'm not asking for you to predict the weather for the month, or the week, or even 5 days out. No, I'm asking you, person with COLLEGE DEGREE in meteorology, to predict TODAY'S weather! Fuck! Even I could look out the window and say, "Blue skies, guess it's okay to leave my windows open while I go to work." I don't need a fucking meteorologist for that. I rely on YOU to ACCURATELY predict what's going to happen so my house isn't ruined by rain pouring in through open windows. I would understand if once in a while, the weather acts unusual and your prediction is wrong, I'd be satisfied if you were vague enough to make me err on the side of caution, hell, I'd be happy if you were even CLOSE!! But Christ, the way you shitheads are consistently wrong makes me think you got your fucking degree from a gumball machine! In any other field, ANY OTHER FIELD!! your level of incompetence would get you fired, when you say there's no chance of rain and it FUCKING POURS, you oughtta be dragged into the streets and set on fire!
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