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Domino's new online order placing, tracking, and feedback allows me to have as little human contact as possible while still obsessively checking up on my order. And I can complain about stupid details such as how poorly the crust has been cut without having to hear the words come out of my mouth. Kudos Domino's, and Fuck You to all the other pizza chains - this is how it should be.

(mom and pop pizza places are, of course, in a different category and are thus exempt from the aforementioned Fuck You)
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sorry guy.
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Who the hell's working this pizza place? Their sticks showed up as a centimeter-thin coil of hardened yeast. At least one person looked at this limp pretzel dick and said, "order up"!

I guess when you're the only place in town shipping around pies at 3 am you can do whatever the fuck you want. Christ.
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sorry guy.
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