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So some bleeding heart PETA asshole or who the fuck cares snuck a camera into a meat packing plant recently. I bet he was looking for a single big chain and lock he could take some bolt cutters to and free all the little piggies, but SUPRISE! He found nasty ass animals being dropkicked down chutes into massive bacon-slabbing machines by the thousands. Piglets being castrated, by the thousands, without pain killers. They probably didn't give them pain killers for the ride down the chute, either. There were pigs jammed in tight cages, by the thousands, to keep their asses in one place as they await being kicked into the bacon slabber without pain killers.

I am comfortable with the horribleness of meat production. I've seen fish cleaned and fried, deer getting carved up and grilled on the spot, squirrels being skinned and roasted like chickens, and muskrats blasted to chunks with rifles JUST FOR FUN. I've even seen turtles having their shells pried open to get at the tasty shit inside, and at an age where Ninja Turtles was the only thing I cared about at all. That's right, I have dined on turtle stew.

I JUST DON'T GIVE A SHIT. The steps between ANIMAL and GRUB are disgusting DEAL WITH IT.
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man that sucks.
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