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What is with these idiots who think that just because they're a fan of a web series it gives them the right to talk out of their ass about it to anyone, up to and including its creator? The amount of arrogance and self-entitlement from these assholes is staggering.

"How dare you not release videos as fast as I say you should!" Yeah, because it's not like people have jobs, families, hobbies outside of their computer, and other daily life shit to deal with, to say nothing of the fact that most people who release regular web series' DO NOT GET PAID FOR THEIR WORK. AT ALL. Oh, they might have ad banners on their site or ads at the front of their videos, but you know what? Those really don't pay that much. Like, a few cents per view/click, at best. Usually just enough to recoup costs for web space and bandwidth. That's right, they're doing this stuff for almost no profit or even FOR FREE and you still have the stones to complain about it. Fucking amazing. Who the fuck are you to make demands, anyway? You're not paying them a salary to release shit on a fixed schedule, so you can just shut the fuck up and wait like everyone else.

Another good one: "How dare you release exclusive content at a convention I didn't attend and post it on Youtube later!" Yeah, because that's a valid complaint. All you EVER do is sit in your parent's basement on a computer they bought and an internet connection they probably pay for, and reload LittleKuriboh's Youtube page waiting for him to post something. If it's that important that you see this shit the minute it's released, get a job, get some money and fly out to a convention he's attending. Or barring that, just be patient and wait the whole two day time gap out with World of Warcraft or whatever it is no-lifes like you play. Self-entitled fuck.

Or my favorite, the case of James Rolfe (AKA the Angry Video Game Nerd) and similar critics releasing DVDs of their work, so they can recoup a bit of money from their efforts and possibly finance future episodes and projects. "FUCK THAT I'M NOT SPENDING MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT'S ONLINE FOR FREE". What the fuck! You spend all this time complaining that they don't release shit fast enough or their episode quality doesn't live up to your perfect, delicate standards. But then, when offered a chance to finance future episodes and improve quality so you can see MORE of your "favorite show" in the future, you just throw it right back in their face. You're a real piece of work, you know that? What kind of "true die-hard fan" doesn't even shell out a few dollars to support one of their favorite shows once in a while - even if you have no interest in the extra content on the DVD - to give something back to the creator at the very least? Oh, right - self-entitled assholes who think everything should be free.

Ah, and one more thing: If you're such a brilliant mind with a keen eye for quality, why aren't YOU releasing videos and "making mountains of money off ad space" and "not listening to your true loyal fans"? Oh, wait, I already know why. Because you have no ideas, no talent, and no skills in writing or video editing. You're just a self-entitled high school dropout sponging off his parents and thinking everyone else in the world somehow owes you a favor. Either that or an unfunny fourteen-year-old whose terrible knockoff review series/abridged anime series makes no money and gets dozens of negative comments a day, so you just lash out at your idols and their fans in a bout of immature, impotent rage. Grow the fuck up.
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