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What the hell? What the HELL is wrong with you? If you get an invitation to a party, wedding, or special event, it's for you and whoever the fuck else is mentioned on the invitation. Are you hosting the event? No. Are you paying for any of it? No. Were you told to invite extra people? No. So don't fucking invite a bunch of other people to the event when they WEREN'T EVEN SENT AN INVITATION IN THE FIRST PLACE! Go back to Etiquette 101 and try to come out of it without failing miserably, bitch! Oh, yeah, telling the host of the event to invite YOUR friends and relatives is a big fuck-up on your part, too. Did you pull your manners out of a fucking landfill or what?

By the way, if you WEREN'T sent an invitation, don't fucking invite yourself to the event! What the fuck are you thinking? I don't give a shit if you're the Queen of England, a family member, a friend, or who the fuck knows what. If you don't get an invitation, YOU AREN'T FUCKING INVITED! There are these things called guest lists, limits, budgets, and other shit you probably don't understand or give two shits about. Invitation etiquette is so fucking simple, yet people like you still fail to understand the most basic concept. And if you have the gall to actually show up when you never got an invitation, you are asking to be. Again, where the fuck did you get your manners?

And then there's that very special group of people who ASK for invites. FUCK YOU! You don't phone, e-mail, or message someone asking for invites to their event. And if you get butthurt when an invite isn't sent your way, FUCK YOU again! If you assume you're getting an invite, you're an ignorant tool.

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