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Yes, I'm aware I should get a fucking job. Stop the fucking nagging and getting other people to join in. If it's THAT important, then how about you drop one into my lap, before I drop a deuce in yours? What's easy for you isn't easy for everyone else.

First off, I'll need to get one of those SSN things so I can be properly fist-fucked up the ass by the government like everyone else. Then, I'll need to find a place that I can actually apply at. I've been looking, and holy fuckshit, what a disaster! Most of these places won't even fucking consider you unless you lie on the online application, or have several years of experience! Companies say they want honest answers on their online forms, but honest answers on some questions gets your application sent to the trash. This "YOU NEED EXPERIENCE" thing is bullshit, too. Moving shit, stocking shelves, scanning barcodes and pushing buttons requires experience now? What the fuck happened to employee training?

If I actually do get to apply somewhere, there's the fucking job interviews to deal with. Motherfucking balls, I HATE job interviews with a passion. It's always the same "Please sit down and answer these questions that tell us fuck all about how you'll actually do the job. We won't mention some of them aren't even relevant to the position you're applying for." It's a fucking sickening feeling botching an interview, only to know some fuckwit with great ass-kissing or bullshitting skills could get it. It's even worse seeing complete assholes get these jobs. These "workers" almost constantly fuck around, fuck up, or just fuck off when they want because they don't feel like working.

To top things off, I'm not a people person. I never have been, and the retail job I had just made me extra bitter. Hell, even hanging out for a few hours with people I know leaves me feeling incredibly tired and worn out. I'm on the shy side, and being shit on and judged my whole life over stupid things hasn't helped. The fact that people like you expect me to crap out some extroversion and get over it also doesn't help. I've actually tried that, and I get shit on even more.

So, just fuck off with the nagging and the pressure. It does fuck all to help me get a job, and just makes me feel worse.
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