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I guess I'm more sad than pissed I guess. I searched websites I could complain on and tthis came up. So here goes, oh and I'm drunk. But I dated this girl for a year and 2 and a half months. You know everyone fucks up, I was not perfect and I did a lot of mean things. No in reality we were fucking awesome together. We got along very well and I ended up living with her for the better part of a year. I met her through some girl that sucks and I don't talk to anymore but pretty much from the very start we hit it off. She's very beautiful with an awesome face and great hair and beautiful blue eyes. Seriously I would post a picture of her if I could to prove it. After 3 months she lost her virginity to me. Then I was going to Navy basic training and some shit happened and they told me I was leaving in 2 days instead of 3 months. I quit my job, parents kicked me out. Yadda yadda yadda. I never asked her and yet she told me I could live with her for free. So I did oh yeah the first time we had sex she pressured me, I didn't try to do it, I'd had sex with many women before her. But moving on. So I came back, she was still there waiting for me. I found a used condom wrapper in her night stand drawer that I swear wasn't in there when I left. But I never questioned it. Move forward 4 months and I lose my job, we're still going strong and I practically lived there those whole 4 months. Her brother gets me a job and I lived there for almost 3 months. I lost my job found a few other ones. I did fail to mention that I had "talked" to other women in more than a friendly manner. But we moved past that, it was some shit but we got over it. I never once cheated on her. Now I broke up with her, things weren't like they were a year ago. I broke it off. When I did it, she only said a few things, like I don't want to break up and then I don't want to be friends. I'm not a noob, I didn't say "let's be friends!!!!:D:D:D" I said I'd like to be able to talk in the future. Well it's been about a month. I've heard she's been telling everyone she was gonna break up with me anyways and blahblahblah whatever. You know. But then I've heard she's been talking to other guys and she's fucked this guy who likes to pee on girls and like their bholes. WHAT. I haven't gotten laid, nor started talking to anyone. I drunk texted her and said shit about missing her and just telling her I wanted to get back together. In the morning I told her I had mean't it but she pretty much told me I'm shitty and to fuck off and she never wants to talk to/see me again. I don't know, I know I'll get over it but I regret it. I could see us getting married and shit. But I guess not anymore. By the way I'm 21 and she's 19.
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man that sucks.
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