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Now you're saying you only post whiny fucktarded rants everywhere because everyone is too "afraid" to have an intelligent debate with you. No, they're not. They just get tired of your stupid third grade method of "arguing", which isn't so much that as you just twisting everything they say into a retarded strawman argument or making personal attacks to try and invalidate them on principle. Oh, and whenever you start losing, you just start crying "WELL THATS YOUR OPINION AND ITS SUBJECTIVE" (no shit Sherlock, the whole point of a debate is to COMPARE OPINIONS. And no, being in the majority DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU RIGHT) or "IT'S JUST MY OPINION QUIT BEING MEAN WAAAHHH" even though you were FUCKING PRESENTING IT AS A FACT NOT TWO SENTENCES AGO YOU GOD DAMN IDIOT. Or you just fall back on the old classic of insulting me, closing the thread and declaring yourself the winner. Hey, whatever makes you feel better, I guess.

And no, I'm not going to "admit that you were right" on one tiny, insignificant point. You lost the fucking battle. Quit trying to get me to concede one thing just so you can feel like you got something out of it, it's just fucking pathetic. Have some goddamn dignity.

And you wonder why I never talk to you anymore.
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