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Why, yes, I'm technically new at this place. Yes, there are some things I don't know about. And yes, I'm only 27 while you're 50, 60, 70, whatthefuckever. This does not give you the fucking right to act like a condescending bitch and give me (and other co-workers!) mini-lectures about how things are done. If anyone's going to tell me how to do the job, it's our manager and her assistants! And here's a little tip for you: I worked here for SEVEN years in the past! Surprise! I quit 2 years ago because the last manager was a psycho bitch who went out of her way to make employees miserable, even after she was "asked" to leave (which is a story for another day).

Since I'm feeling so generous right now, here are a few other tips for you:

- Clean up begins at 5:00. Not at 4:45, not at 4:50. FIVE O'FUCKING CLOCK. When you walk by my table with all your shit packed up at 4:55, give me confused/dirty looks, and tell me that people want to get everything done early, I get pissed off. I know this isn't the best job in the world, but it won't fucking hurt you to take it a little more seriously. Why should I worry, though? If the company you're representing sends someone in to make sure rules are being followed, your ass is busted, not mine.

- We are paid until 6:00 (8:30 or later if we get the evening shifts). So quit fucking prancing out of the store 15 minutes early with the excuses "I did my share of work already!" or "I need to get groceries!" Seriously, fuck you. You're not above everyone else. We all want to leave, so do like the rest of us do: shut your fucking mouth, help get things put away, and fucking COPE.

- We have an AMAZING manager and SUPER WONDERFUL assistant managers. If they let you know you're doing something wrong, having a tantrum and bitching them out makes you look SO. FUCKING. RETARDED. You don't often get management this nice, so quit fucking chewing them out when you make mistakes!

- Yes, I do things differently than you do. Like I said above, I worked here for 7 years. Things have changed a bit while I've been gone, but I'll manage. I'm capable of doing so without your "advice." So quit fucking changing EVERYTHING around at my station if you're covering my break! For fuck's sake, you can't deal with my setup for 30 fucking minutes? It can't possibly be that hard! I don't pull this shit with you, so why do you CONSTANTLY do it with me?

My brain needs a rest. Fuck you.
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