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I just want to pay for and download a few songs I really like. Specifically, songs from certain videogames I enjoy. Yes, I want to fucking PAY MONEY. Unfortunately, getting songs for free off some random MP3 site seems to be the only hassle-free way to get them. Why is it so damned hard to find a decent way to pay artists for their music? Well, let's take a look!

amazon.com: Oh, gee. There's the soundtrack to that videogame I like. Oh, look. Some random asshole is selling it for $100 US, and the shipping price is insane, too. And the artist won't get a fucking penny from that. What utter bullshit.

iTunes: HOLY FUCKING HELL! WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DOWNLOADED?! FUCKING MESSY ASS SHIT! Wow, is this ever fucked. Oh, and look. I don't live in the US, so I can't get any of the stuff I actually want! Oh, I could just use little tricks to get around that? Seriously? Fuck that. I just want a few songs. I don't want to have to go out and drop $25 - $100 on a MasterCard Gift Card just so I can buy from a US store. Then there's the legal bullshit and ToS violations that may present. Fuck you, iTunes.

Napster.com: Oh, once again I can't get what I want because I don't live in the USA. So I get redirected to the "proper" site. I'm not even going to fucking bother downloading that shit.

Artists themselves: THANK YOU! HOLY SHIT, THANK YOU FOR MAKING YOUR OWN WEBSITE! Wait, why the fuck don't more of you actually do this? Is iTunes sucking your dicks THAT much? Why is it I've only found 2 people that have set up their own sites where you can buy whole albums or individual songs? What a fucking joke!

eBay: Hey, look! It's just like amazon.com, but with some really special bullshit: auctions from hell! You think you'll get that album you want, but some shitbag outbids you by one fucking penny at the last second. And if you can avoid the auction, there's no guarantee you'll get what you want because of con-artist fuckheads roaming around. That beautiful soundtrack you ordered? Say hi to an empty fucking box, counterfeit garbage, or nothing at all! Another load of bullshit!

Music stores: Cool! I can buy CDs! I like CDs. WOAH, SHIT! Videogame soundtracks?! REALLY?! Awes--what? There's enough room for 10 CDs or less! And most of these aren't even actual soundtracks! "Inspired by the game?" "Take on the game?" What the FUCK?! You assholes! Quit teasing customers like that!

Never made available: Damn, this game has awesome music! Huh? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THEY NEVER RELEASED A SOUNDTRACK?! COCKSUCKER!

Well, people, if you want to stop music pirating and all that shit, give us a decent way of paying for it! It's pretty damned retarded when trying to pay for music is hellish, but downloading it for free is as easy as taking a shit after a meal of baked beans and bran flakes. Guess it's off to get free music. Again. This is bullshit.
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holy shit dude.
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Who is the slack-jawed retard who programmed my phone's mp3 player? I wanted to listen to a specific song so I click on the fucking thing, now it's made its own exclusive playlist and refuses to invite anyone but 39 of its closest friends. Okay, so thats dumb, delete the playlist, right?

NOPE! FUCK YOU, YOU STARTED THIS PLAYLIST NOW YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Now i have to sort through 470 goddamn songs, organized by motherfucking track number first because ID3 tags are the god damned DEVIL, pick out 40 that I like and listen until I am finally tired of them and organize myself a NEW playlist. Before I picked that one song, it would just shuffle through my whole library and delight me by being, up until now, surprisingly simple and easy to use. Why isn't there a feature as simple as PLAY ALL? Why the fuck am I now required to personally manage a microscopic playlist to listen to my music? I'm trying to fucking walk to class not make a mix tape.

Screw You, Samsung.
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man that sucks.
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