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Motherfucking, cocksucking income tax, I fucking hate you. It wouldn't be a problem if it was the usual, tedious shit, but things have changed due to marriage. Still think that's not a problem? My husband and I live in two different countries, and now we have to jump through a bunch of migraine-inducing hoops from hell.

I can't file my tax return without his net income. However, "net income" seems to mean different things in our countries. Either way, he can't get his net income until he files his return. But, he can't file his return until I get some fuck-ass ID number. I can't get that ID number unless I fill out a form. However, because of the piss-poor instructions, bullshit legalese, and weird conditions, I can't fill out the fucking form! No ID number = no tax returns = FUCKED.

Fuck it all. Mom-in-law said she's going to talk to an accountant or something, because this shit's breaking her brain, too! Income tax is a load of shit. Even a $1000 refund would not be worth all this fucking horseshit!
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sorry guy.
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