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Alright, you fucking shitnoses on Youtube, I've had enough. I don't give a damn about your crappy music (which all sounds like amateurish shit I'd hear if I hit the "demo" key on a Casio keyboard), your 500th attempt at Shitty Anime The Abridged Series (You are not funny. You are not creative. You can't write jokes. Hell, you can't even do more than two voices. YOU ARE NOT LITTLEKURIBOH. NOW GO AWAY.) or your latest "Montage" of other people's artwork (because you're too untalented and uncreative to come up with your own content, but stealing someone else's and putting your name on it is just as good, right?!), and the next person who sends me a "friend invite" to their shitty channel or begs me to watch their garbage - in spite of the SEVERAL WARNING ON MY CHANNEL NOT TO - is having each and every one of their videos flagged for promoting hatred and terrorism. Because if I see just one more of these things, I'm going to track down the fucker that penned it, strap a block of C4 to my chest, break into their house, and blow them and their mom's shitty Compaq across four time zones.

You got that, assholes? Good. Now piss off.
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holy shit dude.
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