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"If you don't follow the Bible to the letter, then you're a disgrace to your religion. If you do, you're selling your daughter into slavery and stoning people to death so you're fucking evil. SEE I AUTOMATICALLY WIN EVERY ARGUMENT BECAUSE YOU'RE EITHER A MURDERING, RAPING SLAVER OR A HYPOCRITE!"

Yeah, real sly, fucktard. Like that's not the only time I've ever heard that basic argument of "Either you agree with me 100% or you're an evil, ignorant sheep." How many lonely nights in your parents basement did it take you to think that one up?

Well at least I know you'll never really amount to much, and one look at the sheer amount of stupid bullshit arguments on your Facebook page and cowardly anonymous rants posted all over "godhatesyou.com" confirms that quite nicely. Enjoy making $8.70 an hour at Gamestop (every dime of which goes straight back into cheap booze and buying every single shitty FPS game that comes down the pipe) and sponging off your parents' AOL connection until the day you finally drink yourself to death, asshole.
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sorry guy.
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Can the militant atheist community all grow the fuck up, quit hiding behind their childish thirteen year old fanboys and learn how to make a coherent, intelligent argument instead of just posting 30-page dogshit rants on godhatesyou.com (which is fucking idiotic anyway because atheism by definition IS A BELIEF IN THE EXISTENCE OF NO GODS) and starting long whiny ad hominem/strawman attacks against anyone who disagrees with them? I mean, I know life's hard when you've been laid off from McDonalds and you're looking for something to blame for all the problems in your life, but come the fuck on.

Oh, and stop parroting quotes from Fight Club and the Matrix while you're at it, fuck. Way to completely miss the point of Fight Club (Tyler Durden is the story's goddamn ANTAGONIST) and... seriously, the Matrix? That shit was pretentious, absurd and lame even by 1999 standards. Quit jerking off to shitty CGI effects and pseudo-intellectual horseshit and watch some real movies already.
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man that sucks.
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