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Sir One-Up McLoud: Holy shit, the "i gots mad skillz" and "I DID THAT!!" stories need to stop. You've lied, cheated, and plagiarized so much, your own friends don't trust a fucking thing you say! It's also pretty sad when people can't tell a cool story without having you crash the Bullshit Express into it. You've gotten into trouble over this shit before, so maybe now would be a good time to cease and fucking desist! And for fuck's sake, stop yelling. You are literally giving people earaches and headaches when you "talk."

Mr. Confused: You just ditched a group of retarded, abusive dumbfucks. You now feel sad because you miss hanging out with them and are convinced they'll change. What the hell do you miss? Did you enjoy being pushed aside so the Fuckhead of the Day could be admired for his or her stupidity? Did you like being told you were a whiney cunt and it was YOUR fault an asshole was bullying you? Sure as hell doesn't sound like it! Here's a tip: NOTHING will fucking change if you go back to them. Do yourself another favor and stay the fuck away from them.

Madam Stressbomb: You've GOT to see a doctor, for fuck's sake! Yes, a few of them have been arrogant assholes towards you, but they can go fuck themselves for all I care! Try to find another one, because your condition is getting bad. Your mood changes at the drop of a pin, and the slightest thing can set you off on an hours long screaming fit that makes everyone feel shitty. We all know you're stressed and we're trying to give you some space. The situation here isn't the best thing, but taking things out on us is NOT fucking helping. Maybe you don't mean it, but some of the shit you say is starting to really hurt or piss off other people.
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