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So a couple days ago this guy randomly breaks up with me just because he said he doesnt like the fact its a long distance relationship. I was putting in my 100 where was his? I freaking loved the guy. I mean Id do anything for him. We only stay 9 hours from each other not like he cant come see me or I cant go see him. I mean come on the mother fucker can drive!!! So after breaking up with me every time I post a status on FB he likes it. Like bitch get the fuck on. How you gone play with my emotions then act like nothing ever happened? So now after four days he has a girlfriend. Shit pisses me off cause not only is it someone Iv heard of its the same fucking girl that was trying to him to leave me for her when we first got together. Right now Im in one of those moods where I could just shank him. I mean come if you didnt want me in the first place why the fuck would you get with me? After telling me all this shit like you were gone make it work and you loved me I couldnt give two flying fucks about you now. Wait I take that back. I still have feelings for you. It hurts so fucking bad I cry at night. But you dont give two shits. Fuck you you fucked up two faced bastard. I hope you have a happy life with the little bitch... Yet as Im saying this I still wanna say I love you. Looks like I was just wasting my damn time. Dumb ass mother fucker. Shit faced jerk ass. Piss for brains dick face. I fucking hate you. 50% of the time. Oh looke there you go ringing up my phone. Bitch ass Mr.Foster.........
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sorry guy.
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