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Fucking Kotaku. You are literally the worst news site I've ever seen. Every single "article" you post is just cutting and pasting wholesale from a forum post speculating about a game that won't even be out for another six months or just posting someone else's shitty fan video from Youtube and going THIS IS REALLY COOL WATCH IT AND LEAVE COMMENTS AND CLICK OUR AD BANNERS BEFORE YOU GO LOL. I have no idea why Valve considers your site to be good enough to be featured as "news" on their tickers when you haven't posted anything that could even remotely be considered "journalism" and all of your profits come from someone else's work. Fire your staff of retarded clowns and hire some people who know how to do important things. Like write articles. Or get news from credible sources. Or not make money by plagiarizing other peoples' work.
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holy shit dude.
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Kotaku, your new layout is fine. But you should have spent that money on new writers who actually know a single damn thing about video games. Or at least have a fundamental knowledge of journalism, instead of a sort of high school sophomore skillset of poorly copying other sources while misunderstanding the source text.

Also, your name is the biggest cultural cash-in name I have ever fucking seen.
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holy shit dude.
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