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The fuck is this garbage? My bank is putting limits on how many times I can withdraw money from my savings account, claiming it will help the government "regulate the money supply"? I call bullshit, guys.

a) I really doubt our economy's in the shitter just because some low-wage workers somewhere had to withdraw funds to pay for last-minute "surprise" bills from your rich asstoy buddies.
b) You're claiming that withdrawing one time too many can result in my account being locked. Fuck you, Jack. You lock me away from MY money and I'm closing my account and taking my business elsewhere.
c) "Regulate the money supply"? Kiss my dick. It's all fucking automated anyway. If one cent moves from any account anywhere in the US, someone's going to know about it. You're just out to help some rich old fucks steal even MORE money from people who can barely afford to live as it is just so they can go down to Washington and buy even bigger tax breaks for themselves, you greedy sons of fucks.
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holy shit dude.
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