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Dear Society,

Of all the retarded, ignorant, worthless ass-fucks out there, you are the biggest one. I have no idea why some people love you so much, because I've seen festering piles of shit that are more attractive than you are. I have no idea why you evolved the way you did; it's disgusting and depressing how you've turned out. I have no idea if you can be helped, or if you even want to be helped. Why do I hate you so much? It's the way you fuck people over and fuck yourself over. And you NEVER STOP DOING IT.

You worship people who you define as "beautiful." This is the biggest load of shit, let me tell you. By your definition, beautiful women fit into a size 0, weigh less than 100 pounds, wear make-up, have an hour-glass shape, need a D cup bra, and have blonde hair. Beautiful men have great muscle definition, a nice voice, a big dick, and shining hair, are between 20 and 40 years old, and wear jeans. People who don't look like this can rarely compete with people who do, even if they are better in everything but appearance. Some of these "good lookers" are egotistical, vapid whores who do fuck all for anyone but themselves. This is apparently okay. What a fucking joke.

Your treatment of shy or creative people is fucking sick. Apparently, being anything slightly less than outgoing is unacceptable, and will cause struggles throughout life. And anyone who has good ideas that are against the norm are a threat. So, since these people are trash, let's make way for those who are happy to stand out by being obnoxious cunts, and the mindless clones who desperately try to be like them. When's the last time you've heard of a shy person blowing up at a customer, vandalizing stuff, or getting into trouble in order to get attention? And have you ever seen the usual batch of fantards even hint at wanting a slight change to their favorite things, even if they're in dire need of change? If you've seen any of this, I'd be really fucking surprised. But, again, this seems to be okay.

Let's not forget the way you're constantly shitting on anyone who isn't in the super wealthy class of people. I have to know: why the fuck are the people who make $100 000+ per year the ones getting huge bonuses and perks? Why is it that teachers, police, retail staff, and the homeless have some of the hardest stuff to go through, but are constantly screwed out of money or extra help? Oh, right. Those people in the upper class would probably wither and die if they couldn't live in their $22 million home and drive one of their $80 000 cars to the local Starbucks every day. And wouldn't you know it, this seems to be just fine, too.

You know, people say "Society is so great and wonderful." These people are full of shit (or drugs), and are probably some of the people you deem "worthy." If you really were great, we wouldn't have rant sites like this, where we can point out what a useless piece of shit you are. Maybe if you'd let us "trashier" people run things for a while, you'd actually be more tolerable. Of course, that probably won't happen for a long time, since looks, attitude, and money are so important to you. Until you actually change: screw you, fucker.

No love,
Me, Myself, and I.
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