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I fucking hate people, read:

Subject: Spanish
Gentlemen -

Is there some freakn' reason you are subjecting your ENGLISH speaking listeners by cramming that illegal wetback drug toting free baby entitlement language down our throats this morning? Please, there is enough damn Mexican crap around without XXX enabling more of the same.

I find the XXXXX commercial around XXXXXX this morning a slap in the face to this proud TEXAN. Thank you for not insulting us again.

Make it a great day!


Yeah! fuck the wet-back spics! and niggers too! and Chinamen, and Jews, and... and... anyone who's not a white, Protestant christian male. Amen. Make it a great day.

Oh, also, fuck the Mexicans we took Texas from, and the Indians they took it from too!
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holy shit dude.
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