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Blah, blah, fucking blah. Hunter knew his work deserved better treatment and gave this inflated bitch a literary flailing for giving him any less. That said, stop sucking this man's cock. Thompson is dead and gone, and I doubt he would care about this letter's reception much more than he did the ammunition that he brained himself with. He wasn't a legendary writer; he simply used abrasive polish where most weak-minded hacks nostalgically glossed over. He had a way with words few do or ever will, but a literary giant does not that make. Sadly, his body of work will be legendary - not because of its significant quality and insight - but because cocksucking, hipster-cred-seeking meatbag swine will continue to add his name to their "My Favorite Authors" columns on Facebook and the like while they read little to none of his work. This is basically rubbing his ashes on your face and proclaiming, "I AM GONZO TOO!" No you fucking are not. You are swine. You are pigs-in-waiting that want to posture themselves as something you collectively cannot grasp. It isn't an Acapulco shirt you can put on, it isn't your shiny "Bid Red Shark" automobile, it isn't the rum in your glass nor the cigarettes in your pipe stem, and if you think you have it, you should blow your brains out too. It died with Hunter because he knew pigs and all manner of terrible beasts would try to align themselves with something they feared because they lacked the power to comprehend, the "true grit." In all manifestations of the phrase, he was essentially telling all of you (not just this lazy bitch) soulless fad-seekers out there not willing to commit to anything to go fuck yourselves (much better than I or anyone else can). Put on another mask and decorate your swine shell with insecurities, if only to cover your piggy features from discerning eyes. Make no mistake, THE WORLD SEES YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE AND WE WILL KILL YOU FOR IT. Nothing is so bad as humans lacking identity and even more the originality to make their own. Thieving, lying swine. Fuck you all.

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holy shit dude.
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