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Oh what, you treat me like trash for literally months, whispering profane shit at me every time you walk past and bitching about every single thing I do or don't do out loud enough that EVERYONE INCLUDING ME CAN FUCKING HEAR IT, and now you act like we're friends and invite me out to go drinking with you? Is it some desperate attempt to earn my forgiveness or something? Because I know from experience that you're going to go right back to this unprofessional, childish horseshit within a week regardless. You want to do something nice this holiday season, go empty out your speedball stash and play in traffic. Asshole.
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man that sucks.
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Holy shit the college stormed my dorm room and set fire to my pile of unwashed anime t-shirts and posters saying it was a "helath hazard". Literally farenheit 451 horseshit going on here.
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