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I'm angry. And i don't know why it aches so.
I have no job and it hurts that i cant cut it. People have told me that they wish they were in my shoes, but i ask "why?"

My home i cannot fix. I need therapy. I cant afford the time to choose fun. I have to work, but i make pennies from ad revenue . Its the only job that will hire me. I havent worked in six years. My last job was as a stripper and i cant put that onmy resume.
I cant say it was my father who made me do it. We didnt have good communication and the only thing we ever talked about was how i needed to work. So i sat all day poring over jobs that wouldnt hire me.
And i would cry after he would bring up "the talk" . "aren't you even trying!?!?"

So i did it for a while. It was liberating. I had money. I had motivation. I studied my job and brought the other strippers books i was reading. The joint was shitty and everyone there had it bad too. The owners were nice but its the strippers who were the squeaky wheels.

But i came home and tried to live my life. "you need to work!" and i was, secretly.
I couldnt say. What could i do? I paid my own bills slowly shifting my dependence. But then it was my night habits that i was doing wrong. Now they worry about the things im doing on my own! I cant leave the house and work because they worry, but i cant get paid if i dont go. And if theyre around i have to get talked to because im in need of their support.

The safest place feels like out, but i cant afford it. If i go... Where
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holy shit dude.
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fuck my little pony. are you kidding me? listen carefully: it's one thing to like something ironically. it's another to unironically like something while claiming it's ironic when you full well know any of it makes you creepy in the first place.

bronies are post-modern double creeps. i'd blow you up into atoms with a stick of homemade dynamite but the sexual metaphor you'd derive from it would cancel out your death.

i'm screwed. i give up. the world is a terribly made murder simulator that try as it might it can't quite kill me. fuck everything.
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sorry guy.
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oh goddd, who the fuck, they are making homefront 2. i dont know if i have enough bile in me to hate on it as much as i did the first. i'm just gonna ignore this one. completely. if there's a pre-order tf2 hat then i will install a skin over it.

i will model the giant foam dick hat from squidbillies and place it over the homefront 2 hat.
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holy shit dude.
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