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You god damn fat bag of shit. I'm so god damn sick of you constantly foisting work off on me just because you fucking can. Yeah, I know the god damn tilt skillet is dirty and you need it RIGHT NOW, so why don't you just fucking clean it yourself instead of forcing me to drop everything I'm doing so I can do it? Oh right, because you have to flaunt that tiny shred of power the boss-man gave you for brown nosing him constantly for fucking months in any way you can. That and you need to run over to the grill kitchen every five minutes so you can do even less god damn work around here. Don't even try to tell me you're doing something important with that time, because every fucking time I look over you're just fucking STANDING THERE AND TALKING. Oh, but if I take a break for five seconds to get a sip of water so I don't dehydrate to death in this 120-degree shithole, I'm slacking off and I deserve to go straight to hell. Fuck you.

I swear to fuck, the next time you force some stupid god damn thing you could easily just DO YOURSELF on me so you can kick back and talk to people and gloat about how you're making me do your work for yes (and yes, I can hear your whale-like bellowing and gloating from clear across the god damn kitchen while you tell EVERYONE how you forced that work off on me just because you could), I'm going to go out to the parking lot, take a shit on your car and key a tally mark into it for every time you've done this stupid shit to me.

And for the record, I'm up to a DOZEN by now. You fucking arrogant pig. Do the world a favor and just die of a massive heart attack already.
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