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Well, Mr. Lawyer, I just want to say thank you so fucking much for wasting so much time! I did have a fair amount of respect for you, but it just went down the toilet with my last shit.

You told hubby and I way back in January you needed some things from us, and we got them for you. You said once you had all that stuff, you could send in the forms to get this batshit insane immigration process started! So, I find out today you've done exactly jack shit. Apparently, you tried to contact my husband about this, and left messages on the answering machine. Twice. In SIX months. There's really important shit going on, and that's how often you tried to contact us.

You're missing some documents! How in the FUCK are you missing them?! I handed you the papers back in January, you photocopied them, and you put the copies IN A FUCKING FOLDER! Then there's the stuff my husband got to you. Oh, that's now outdated! So, why the fuck did you tell us it was okay for him to submit "outdated" information? And apparently, I have to have some medical exam before you can file. What in the ever living fuck are you smoking, man? You haven't even filed the first form, and you're asking me to do something that comes MUCH later in the immigration process.

You know what? I just did a bunch of reading on the government's immigration website! Some of the shit you've asked us for isn't even mentioned on the required forms! And there are some things we may actually need, and you haven't even fucking hinted at them! So, what do we REALLY have to fucking do here? Do we need to phone you every fucking day and talk to your air-headed receptionist to make sure things are getting done? Do we need to bring you a fuckton of money (as if we haven't already)? I really want to know, because I'm sick and fucking tired of being kept in the dark for months at a time, while you sit around with your thumbs in your ass!

I guess it's time to send you an e-mail! Hell if I know if and how you'll respond to it! I wouldn't be surprised if I got nothing, or a bunch of bullshit legalese and half-assed information! Go fuck yourself.
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holy shit dude.
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So, do you think you're some extra special godchild because you claim someone else's work as your own? Do you think you look amazing when you post "omg this took me forever to make. plz comment!" on every one of those things you swiped? You're not special or amazing. You're a fucking retarded, attention-whoring, monkey-shit thief and you should be fucking ashamed of yourself. And if you have the gall to flame or block people who call you out on your bullshit, you should go eat a tack and hotsauce sandwich. Because of scum-fucks like you, sites like DeviantArt and YouTube are flooded with ripoffs and copies of other people's work, and I have to go through hell to find out who REALLY made some of the things I like. Thankfully, there are smart people out there who report your dumb ass to the appropriate people. Then I can laugh at your shit-brained rants about how "your" work was removed or your account was banned for "NO REASON!!!! FUCK THIS PLACE!! WAAAH!"

"Well, I don't do that!" You say. "I just submit stuff because I like it and want to share it! I even credited the original creator!" Go fuck yourself you parasitic dickworm. Most people who use that line are just looking to pull in page views and praise because they found something cool on Google. Why don't you try making something of your own, instead of leeching off of other people? Some of them are trying to make a living off of what they do, but then little shits like you show up. "But it's free advertising!" No, it is fucking NOT. People are looking at the item under YOUR name. How the fuck is that "free advertising" when most people won't even bother to look past your name and find the actual creator of the work? Post a fucking link to the original in your blog or something if you really want to share it.

"Yeah, that's sad, but if you don't want people to take your work, you shouldn't post it on the internet." Go suck a crab-infested dick. How else are people going to promote their work? Keep it in their room, on their computer, or locked in a box? Fuck no! They're going to put it somewhere people can see it! They can make DVDs, books, songs, whatever. It doesn't fucking matter how the work is promoted, because dickheads with shit for brains will still try to claim it for themselves. Keeping your work off the internet won't solve that. Doing so could end up fucking you in the ass, because far fewer people will see your work.

Fucking aye, I'm tired. Enough of this shit.
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holy shit dude.
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