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vent, bitch, and moan flipping a digital, written bird.
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Hey, you! The one doing fuck all other than bitching! Do you know why we get pissed off at you so easily? It's your fucking attitude!

We're having company soon, so what did you do to help clean the house up? You barked orders at everyone, whined about the "mess," dried 3 dishes, cleaned up a few crumbs, then had a nap. I did a majority of the cleaning yesterday, since I'm not working (for reasons that should be fucking obvious to you). Hell, I even managed to help with dinner, get my laundry done, and exercise! What did you do yesterday? Got home early, ate, watched TV, and napped until dinner time. Then you ate again, got drunk, and went to bed! Short story: you did basically FUCK ALL to help out! Good fucking job!

You're a slob, yet you bitch at anyone who forgets to put something away! You rarely help with housework, due to some really fucking old excuses, like "It's my house," "I worked today," and "My [ailment of choice] is acting up." Fuck you! If it were my house, I'd still help keep it clean. Even when I was working, I could still help with the chores. And all those problems you suffer from could be easily fixed: LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR AND LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT! You barely eat anything during the day; at night, you binge on food and booze, then go to bed. And you WONDER why you're having a hard time losing weight!

You say WE'RE the fucking lazy ones, or that we get angry over nothing? Get your ass to detox; you need to be cleansed of the shit you're full of!
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