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Every fucking thing in my life now! Asshole people who like to call me a potty mouth,but have no problem cursing themselves! And living with leach family members, who want to play grown-ups, but cant affford to! And putting all their shit/problems in my home. And like the late rodney dangerfield said,I get no f-ing respect, at all! I'm so sick of being treated like an indentured slave,given all I do for my FAMILY. YES, THEY ARE CAUSING ME TO GO INTO A SERIOUS MELTDOWN! And my friends too, not supporting me after the death of my beloved pet,and making snide remarks about it. Most people suck bad,no wonder I miss my furry friend so. I'm just basically pissed! And thats what the hell this post is all about!
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sorry guy.
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dig our: dumb twitter/sweet tumblr

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