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Your computer's doing crazy shit?! Oh fucking no! Better call up your friends to take you to a store to get a temporary NEW one. Aw, fuck it. Whenever you need ANYTHING done, just call them up to drive you around or do other things your gaming buddies can't do. And don't worry about any sort of compensation, either! It's not like gas, sleep, or time are that important to them! And we all know money is real fucking tight for you. The necessities of a new computer, games, game systems, fancy phone, junk food and partying with pretend friends are super important.

Are you fucking serious? How do you even afford all that shit if money's a problem for you? Actually, WHY is money a problem? You were talking so much about a NICE chunk o' cash heading your way! If that did happen, what the fuck is the problem, then? Get your car fixed, or find a cheap used one! Get your computer looked at before you drop money on a new one for short term use! Cut back on the junk food and games! How do you think everyone else saves money when shit gets difficult?

We don't mind helping you. Really. What's pissing us off is that you keep dicking around and making excuses for it!
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