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You know why you don't get any relaxation or alone time? It's because your time management skills fucking SUCK. Yes, I understand you've got to work long hours on some days, but that's no fucking excuse. You get weekends and public holidays off 100% of the time. There are days you get home early, and you have access to vacation days. So, what do you do with extra time that comes your way? You find more fucking work to do! And some of it is massive projects you leap at without a thought. Then, you get pissy and miserable when you don't get any time to relax because you have to work. Guess fucking what? Not our fault!

You've got family living with you, for fuck's sake! If you need help, how about you ask them for some? And no, I don't mean pulling this passive-aggressive martyr hinting shit. We've been sick of that for a long time now. No one here can read your mind, so stop fucking expecting us to! When you put on a happy face and act as if things are fine, how are we supposed to know what you want? If you need help, you can damned well ask for it. Don't play mind games. Don't be passive-aggressive. SAY WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT!

And stop bitching us out over lateness, procrastination, or whatever the fuck else you're displeased with. You're guilty as all hell of doing that shit yourself! For someone who bitches at us about being late and putting things off, you sure as fuck don't lead by example. You're almost always late for work. You put things off until the very last minute, then freak out when it you can't rush them to completion. And if it wasn't for me being a jobless mooch (you want to say it; I know), you wouldn't even get some of that shit done.

What are those words, again? Oh, yeah. Grow the fuck up.
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