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I have no clue why you dumb fuckers keep breaking the rules of sites, groups, or whatever the fuck it is you're part of. Seriously, it's not that hard to read rules, especially if there are less than 10 short paragraphs or sentences. You are not above everyone else, so the rules apply to you.

Can't find the rules? Ask someone where to find them. If your shit is being removed, deleted, or refused, it's (usually) not because people hate it and you. Bitching about being treated unfairly makes you look like a huge ignofuck or troll, which makes people more inclined to ban you. Ignorance is not an excuse, motherfucker.

Don't understand the rules? Ask someone to explain them in terms you understand. If the rules are already in layman's terms, then I sincerely hope you're having a hard time understanding them due to a language barrier. Flipping the fuck out and accusing the ones in charge of making shit up is not going to help you. In fact, it will do the exact opposite and fuck you over in horrible, horrible ways.

Don't like the rules? Well, then get the fuck out and go somewhere else. Don't bitch, don't insult everyone, just fucking LEAVE before you are forcibly evicted and prove to everyone you are a fucking tool. Those rules are in place to keep fuckwits like you from ruining things for everyone else. No amount of shit-flinging or screaming is going to bend the rules for you, so stop fucking trying to make it happen.

And those of you who are in charge of making and enforcing rules, please do it properly. I've seen too many admins who need to grow a set of balls, grow the fuck up, or read the damned rules themselves! You're there to keep things running smoothly, not cause massive fuck-ups!
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