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God I am I ever sick of first person shooters. It's the new Guitar Hero, flooding the market with one terrible Call of Duty and Gears of War game after another, which in turn causes every two-bit nobody company on the planet to release their own terrible clone to try and cash in, and before long every console has 398 of the damn things clogging up every game store I visit, crowding out far better games, putting small game companies underwater and crushing originality on the whole. I can't even find a decent goddamn adventure game or RPG anymore because everything has to be REALISTIC (ie taking place in a brownish-gray garbage dump) and DYNAMIC (ie cinematic effects that have no actual bearing on gameplay) and REAL-TIME and FULL OF DARK GRITTY CHARACTERS AND ACTION OR ITS A SHITTY GAME FOR BABIES.

But then people finally start to get sick of the damn things and sales start to fall off, so they just ramp up the juvenile baby-shit with horrible garbage like Bulletstorm and call it "the game that will redeem the genre!". No, fuckholes, slapping a stupid gimmick on your uninspired trash isn't going to magically make things better. If you want to redeem the genre, STOP FLOODING THE GODDAMN MARKET. Work on your new game for three or four years, make it really good and give it more than 5 hours of gameplay and some actual replay value instead of just releasing the same mediocre trash every six months.

Oh, and fuck regenerating health. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? "Oh shit, you got shot eight times, you're in trouble now - oh wait, no, just hide behind a box for a few seconds and you're fine. Go back to killing." Nice "realism", you fucking idiotic fanboys. Christ, at least picking up a health-pack and being instantly healed adds SOME degree of planning and strategy to the game.
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