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Hey, you! The one doing fuck all other than bitching! Do you know why we get pissed off at you so easily? It's your fucking attitude!

We're having company soon, so what did you do to help clean the house up? You barked orders at everyone, whined about the "mess," dried 3 dishes, cleaned up a few crumbs, then had a nap. I did a majority of the cleaning yesterday, since I'm not working (for reasons that should be fucking obvious to you). Hell, I even managed to help with dinner, get my laundry done, and exercise! What did you do yesterday? Got home early, ate, watched TV, and napped until dinner time. Then you ate again, got drunk, and went to bed! Short story: you did basically FUCK ALL to help out! Good fucking job!

You're a slob, yet you bitch at anyone who forgets to put something away! You rarely help with housework, due to some really fucking old excuses, like "It's my house," "I worked today," and "My [ailment of choice] is acting up." Fuck you! If it were my house, I'd still help keep it clean. Even when I was working, I could still help with the chores. And all those problems you suffer from could be easily fixed: LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR AND LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT! You barely eat anything during the day; at night, you binge on food and booze, then go to bed. And you WONDER why you're having a hard time losing weight!

You say WE'RE the fucking lazy ones, or that we get angry over nothing? Get your ass to detox; you need to be cleansed of the shit you're full of!
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holy shit dude.
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You know, I thought this'd all be common sense by now, but apparently not. People really are this fucking stupid.

No, it is NOT a good idea to let your little kids run around a store or restaurant by themselves. For fuck's sake, I'm sick of being expected to be some special babysitter for you lazy-ass, ignorant "parents." You may think your children are extra smart and polite, but they really aren't. I'm getting really sick and fucking tired of them hanging off of shelves and tables, and grabbing shit they shouldn't have. It's also REALLY fucking annoying when they come screaming around a corner and almost smash into people carrying heavy items! I guess you don't have to worry, because you can just file a lawsuit and win with tears and pity parties. We can't serve drinks hot (170 F and up) anymore, because of retards like you.

Yes, those energy bars, protein bars, and meal replacement bars are high in calories. They're not diet chocolate bars or cookies. They're not healthy snacks. These things are meant for people who are doing intense exercise, body building, or are needing extra nourishment in their diets. Yes, you WILL get fat from eating them if you treat them as a daily snack. Maybe read the box or fucking listen to what I'm saying before you freak out about the terrible calorie count.

No, fad diets and pills are not good for you. They're scams and huge loads of shit. If you'd take up this thing called exercise and cut back on how much food you eat, you'd actually lose weight. I'm so sorry that takes effort, but that's how it is! And if that doesn't work, then for fuck's sake, go see a doctor! Running to the store to buy overpriced special diet food and expensive sugar pills will NOT help you in the long run.
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man that sucks.
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So I'm right in the making some tuna salad at work today when one of the other chefs says he needs the station I'm working at to cut some romaine lettuce. The box of lettuce in question was sitting there for over twenty minutes undisturbed, so I figured he wasn't going to get to it for a while. Okay, fine, whatever, now he's back and he needs my space RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE YOG BLARGH, so I move somewhere else. So what does he do? He immediately fucking leaves again for ANOTHER twenty minutes. The fuck man, either chop your goddamn lettuce or don't bother inconveniencing me. What the hell else is so important? Oh wait, nevermind, I already know. You're sitting downstairs playing Farmville and just pretending to do your job every time the boss makes his rounds. Fucking cock. And this same asshole STILL has the stones to complain about my work ethic on a regular basis? Fucker wouldn't know a work ethic if one came up and bit him on the goddamn dick. Of course, that's assuming he could even find it under that 480 pounds of lard he carries around. Hey chodesponge, there's this new thing called "fruit" which I hear is actually quite good for your health. Look into it sometime unless you want to be drop dead before age 30.

Word to the wise: Never work at a place where the only way to get promoted is to be one of your bosses' drinking buddies. Or barring that, just a pathetic, brown-nosing, racist sack of shit who will stoop to any low just to keep a his beer and pot stash full while his family is forced to live in a goddamn TRAILER PARK thanks to his constant stupidity.

Wish someone would just burn this goddamn dump to the ground.
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man that sucks.
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