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cut the crap, i want to flip the bird.
vent, bitch, and moan flipping a digital, written bird.
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Fuck ppl who are showing off their shit on fb we dun give a shit fuck social norms it sucks cuz you cant as dun give a shit without getting everyone butt hurt and u lose ur reputation fuck the system it is meant only for dick sucking tools who is probably dumber than you fuckkkk cuz life is a bitch that screws you when iu get back up fuck sony u guys are tools fuck temp agencies u guys suck at giving necessary information fuck this whole job interview shit just fucking give me a fucking chance stop toukng with my time dont need fucking 100000 interviews before something that matters makes all the previois interviews stupid and fuck you if u want to judge shit about this rant abiut me fuck the world fuck u all hope u get burned by a fire and ravenous ants will kill uou in uour sleep fuck FUCK ok fuck that feels good bye fuckers
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man that sucks.
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dig our: dumb twitter/sweet tumblr

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