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Will you fucking mouth-breathers stop falling back on the tired old argument of "this game is good because it got a 9/10 in Game Informer so you're just wrong and you suck HA HA NEENER NEENER"? Go back to issue that had that glowing review. Look at all the ads in there that have the same publisher as that game that got that glowing review. There's a lot, aren't there? It ain't a coincidence - they just flat-out BOUGHT positive press for that game. How do you think every new fucking Halo game gets glowing scores even though the franchise hasn't evolved in ten fucking years? It ain't by being fresh, innovative, or even having anything new outside of a few new maps to play on, it's because Microsoft buys up ads and positive press by the truckload in every magazine they can find. Do you know what would happen if someone went against them and posted something negative? They'd get fired, that's what. Either that or they'd just be out a wad of cash because the publisher would pull their advertising. Don't believe me? Google "Jeff Gerstmann". Guy got FIRED for giving a bad review to Kane and Lynch - but only after Eidos bought a ton of ad banners the day before.

Should I even bother to point out that Game Informer is owned an operated by a GAME STORE CHAIN? Yeah, I'm sure they have no interest in overhyping garbage just so they can sell more copies and turn a bigger profit. Oh, wait, YES THEY DO. And they didn't get 3 million subscribers due to anything resembling "quality" - they got em because they give that shit away for free with their discount cards. So you can quit waving that number in my face too while you're at it.

So yeah, shut the fuck up and learn to debate a point instead of just saying "IM IN THE MAJORITY SO IM RIGHT FUCK YOU". Cocks.
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