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Fucking hell, man. I know you've had a pretty bad life due to some of your family members being fucking abusive or money-obsessed assholes (or a lovely combo). This does NOT entitle you to anything and everything you want! You can't constantly blame everyone else when things don't go your way! You WILL have to cut the crap and do something for yourself at some point!

First of all, I see you've let one miserable cunt back into your life. She absolutely hated all of your friends no matter what they did, and you let her treat them like shit. When you finally kicked her out of your life, you just let her right back in! The fuck's wrong with you? Are you hoping for more cyber-fucking (yeah, we ALL know about that) in the games you played together? Are you expecting an actual relationship? Get this into your head: SHE DOESN'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOU. End of story!

Second, you got booted out of your house over a massive dispute with a fuckbag relative. The guy can suck a dick, eat shit, and shove that expensive holiday of his up his fucking ass for all I care. Kind of sucks for you, but HOLY SHIT. That place was a fucking disaster that reeked of cat piss, mold, and rotting wood. That aside, at least your friend's family offered to let you live with them until you could find a new place. His mom had simple rules, and you said you were okay with them. Then you started being a dick. You're loud when people are trying to sleep; you do shit you were told NOT to do; if you need help, you don't ask for it until you've fucked something up; a serving of food for you is the equivalent of 3 - 6 servings for everyone else! If someone's offered you a place to stay and food to eat, don't act like a self-obsessed dick. Seriously.

Then there's your job and the housing situation! You know, you might find it easier to get to your job and deal with it if you didn't stay up all fucking night! You claim you're stressed and have trouble sleeping. Well, when you're glued to a fucking game or movie until 3 AM, OF COURSE IT'LL BE HARD TO SLEEP! If you get suspended for showing up late, it's YOUR fault, not the company's! And I can't believe how badly you fucked yourself while looking for a house! When you've got a case manager trying to help you, you DON'T curse them out and scream at them when you didn't understand what they were telling you! And if they set rules, you damned well follow them. Don't understand what's going on? ASK. FOR. HELP. Don't just fuck off and do whatever, because they WILL find out!

All that crying about how the world's out to get you and you can't control ANYTHING in your life is utter fucking horseshit. Pull your head out of fantasy game time land, stop crapping all over people helping you, and grow the fuck up! You'll find the world's a lot nicer if you're not constantly punching it in the face!
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