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Why is it, when a game has a ranking system of some sort, people capable of the most childish, shit-brained rage flock to it? You get a number, stars, ELO, badges, or some other meaningless shit next to your name. Yes, MEANINGLESS shit, because it doesn't do a damned thing for you, unless you compete in tournaments for actual money. Yet, people flip the fuck out over this e-peen booster.

So, you have a big number, lots of stars, a high ELO, or whatever is used. I guess that means you are amazing at the game and never make mistakes. Super de fucking duper. It's not a free pass to act like an asshole and spew explosive, rage-infused diarrhea over other people. If you lose a game, the world will still be here. I promise! Raging at people (even your friends? Really?!) is not going to make things better, nor will it net you your oh-so-precious win or rank boost. Some people will intentionally throw a game just to piss you off more! I'll bet that's fun!

You think your game was ruined because you lost? I just had to sit through half an hour of you insulting and basically yelling at everyone over the mic in your loud, whining nerd voice. And since I wasn't one of your fuckwit buddies with a big number by their name, I took the brunt of it. I sincerely hope someone takes an extra large, sticky, corn-loaded shit on you next time your attitude problem strikes. I hope it's in the form of "get the fuck out, your ass is banned, dipshit."
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